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Preaching Mentoring

Mentoring preachers has been a source of deep joy for over 15 years. I have had the pleasure of working with preachers who are still in seminary, just beginning to learn the craft of preaching, and I have also been honored to journey alongside more seasoned preachers who want to explore ways to preach more effectively now that they’ve been doing it for a while. 


My doctoral thesis at Aquinas Institute of Theology focused on the sermon as a sound event, so I especially enjoy working with preachers who want to find ways to make their preaching more oral-based and less writing-based. My formation in spiritual direction also leads me to encourage preachers to listen in particular ways for the Spirit’s prodding in their preaching. Preaching is not simply about those intellectual skills that we hone while in seminary, but also involves the emotions and the senses.  Consequently, I encourage preachers to preach from the whole person to the whole person. 


My approaches to working with preachers depend on the goals that the preachers themselves have. Often, we will decide to work through the sermon preparation process together. If I am able to attend the preaching event (usually virtually), then we have even more fodder for conversation. Occasionally, a preacher will want to read a book and explore the book’s implications for her preaching.  One preacher who had been preaching for a while realized that she wanted to explore anew the question, “What is preaching?” That quest proved very fruitful for her.


There are so many ways that we can work together on enriching a preaching ministry. If you think you might like to explore the possibility of preaching mentoring with me, send me a message. I would love to chat with you!


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