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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction? Spiritual direction is an ancient art, practiced in all of the major faith traditions, in which one person companions another on his or her spiritual journey. In spite of their name, spiritual directors are not usually very directive! They do not focus on giving advice....

Retreat Leadership

Throughout my ministry, I have led multiple retreats for adults and am currently available to do so. I would be happy to discuss retreat topics with you and create a custom curriculum, or you can consider one of the topics I have already developed... 

Preaching Mentoring

Mentoring preachers has been a source of deep joy for over 15 years. I have had the pleasure of working with preachers who are still in seminary, just beginning to learn the craft of preaching, and I have also been honored to journey alongside more seasoned preachers who want to explore ways to preach more effectively...


When I was a child we nearly always called the minister of our church “the preacher.” Later, when I went to seminary to become a minister myself, that’s what I most wanted to be—"the preacher.” In fact, preaching became so important to me that, a few years after finishing seminary, I went on and completed a Doctor of Ministry in homiletics (preaching).

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